Paper Embroidery Tutorial

Here are instructions on how to print and stitch my patterns!

Copy the pattern using a photocopier. Most of the patterns on this site are stitched on heavier cardstock unless otherwise stated. Cut close to the edge of your pattern and adhere the pattern to your cardstock with a low tack tape such as painter's tape.

Pricking your pattern with even holes is very important. Lay your cardstock and patterns onto a pricking mat and begin pricking the dots with a steady hand. Holding the pricking pen straight up with easy pressure will ensure even holes. You don't want to sink the pen all the way down through the cardstock as this will make your holes too big.

Follow each pattern correctly using the instructions given. 1-5 is the standard for most of the patterns on this site but each pattern will have the appropriate count marked. You can start at any place on the pattern. To start, bring your needle from the back of the cardstock out through the top of your pattern at the first hole (labeled 1 in the example). Then, insert your needle in the top of the pattern at hole labeled 2
(which is 5 holes, thus the 1-5 count) and pull the thread to the back. Come up through the pattern at hole 3 and insert your needle into hole 4 from the top. Continue to follow the pattern in that manner. Use tape to secure your thread ends. This is how you do the 1 – 5 count. 

Once you have finished stitching your pattern, your perforated holes may still be visible. Using a large ball embossing stylus, rub the back of the stitched pattern (over the threads) with a soft circular motion.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a basic tutorial. You can find more in-depth tutorials and instructions if you do a search for “paper embroidery”.

For a video tutorial, that shows the stitching technique using Spellbinder's pierced dies, go to:

Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Hugs, Darsie
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Here is a great website with the instructions for the "baby oil" technique I reference in some of my patterns.


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