Friday, December 19, 2008

Trees at Dusk

The store was closed today due to a storm which dumped about a foot of snow, so it was my day to play!

A friend emails beautiful photos to me and I knew I had to try to recreate one of them with Stampscapes stamps. I chose this serene dusk scene with the soft fog appearance.

I knew I wanted to add an animal or something to the scene to bring it to life, perhaps in the foreground.

I pulled out Stampscapes Stamps "Oak Row", "Oaks & Mist", and a Stampin' Up set titled "Noble Deer" (shown below).

I stamped Oaks & Mist on glossy paper using Adirondack Lights Cool Peri. Next I stamped a little lower using the same stamp, but in Adirondack Denim.

I created a paper mask of the deer, then stamped them in Marvy black ink on the glossy paper. I placed the deer mask on the image, then stamped the Oak Row in black across the width of the paper.

With my Colorbox Stylus, I began laying the foundation for the piece with my color. In various shades of blue and purple, I began softly pouncing at the top of the scene for my sky. I used blues first, then added purples as I went along until I was satisfied.

I deepened the color amongst the trees to show density like a forest, and to push the fading sunlight farther back in the scene. I also darkened the foreground, yet leaving a bit of light around the deer.

Now that I've finished it, there are things that I would do if I chose to try again. I'm not as happy with the blue tones overshadowing the purple tones. I also would have staggered the oak trees a bit more instead of them being bunched together as they are.

I guess, you are always learning when you are making scenes with rubber stamps. It's a journey I enjoy.

The completed scene size is 6 x 8 1/2 inches.


  1. Fabulous, Darsie. You really nailed this scene. It is so nice to see scenes from you again, I have missed them.

  2. Wow, I love it and you always do such a wonderful job. Glad you are making scenes again, we miss you!!

  3. Beautiful as always, mommy!


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